University of Rwanda,Research directorate

Grants Available to UR-RPGS unit

On behalf of the University of Rwanda (UR), the UR Research and Postgraduate Studies Unit (UR-RPGS Unit) manages various Grants to include:
1. Three Research Grants Schemes
a. Ordinary Research Grant Schemes (ORGS)
b. Post Doctoral Grants Scheme (PDGS)
c. Small Grants Scheme (SGS)
1. The aim of the ORGS is to support teams of researchers from all Rwandan Higher Learning and Research and Development Institutions to carry out basic or applied research in order to increase the volume of new knowledge generated by researchers in Rwanda. This bases on the Rwanda Vision 2020 aspirations to build knowledge based society which is driven by a knowledge based economy.

2. The aim of the PDGS is to support newly graduated PhD staff of UR to get introduced into carrying out top-notch research and publish in high calibre journal. This is a necessary step to create for Rwanda professional researchers of international calibre.

3. The aim of the SGS is to give some financial support to UR academic staff members registered for PhD studies with limited or no financial support from elsewhere to enable them collect field data and produce their theses.

2. Four research dissemination Grants Schemes
a. Support for Conference Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS)
b. Exhibition Grants Scheme (EGS)
c. International Conference Attendance Support Scheme (ICASS)
d. Support to pay Fees for Publishing Journal Articles (FPJA)

1. The aim of the COGS is to support Thematic Areas prioritised by UR to organise International Conferences at UR and give chance to UR researchers and researchers from other Rwanda sectors to share their results with prominent researchers, key policy makers and other researchers from across the globe. The conference papers are peer reviewed and published in indexed journals thus increasing the volume of scientific publications by UR.
2. The aim of the EGS is to support UR Colleges to showcase their research products within Rwanda to increase UR visibility as a research provider at grassroots level, to policy and decision makers and Rwanda Industry.
3. The aim of the ICASS is to support UR academic staff to present papers at international peer reviewed conferences to provide them with networking opportunities and get peer critique of their research results.
4. The aim of the FPJA is to support researchers wishing to publish their results in credible journals that charge fees to publish articles.