University of Rwanda,Research directorate

UR-CE dons called on to overhaul their research methodology

The call was made during a two day workshop organized by the University of Rwanda-College of Education in collaboration with Woman Leadership Programme (WLP), a project initiated by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and funded by USAID. The training aimed to equip UR-CE researchers with best research methodology and other research requirements in conformance with international research standards.

Speaking at the workshop, Prof Claudia Mitchell-Kernan; a renowned and long serving professor at UCLA with vast Knowledge in research methodology took participants through all the methodologies that make a valid research. She also urged them to conform to criteria set by research funding agencies and keep in mind that each and every step in research matters.
Bizimana Barthelemie, an Assistant Lecturer at UR-CE hailed UCLA initiative through which he got experience from a senior researcher who has demonstrated her capacity in producing many publications and has a vast experience in research field. According to him, the workshop will help him to revisit his existing research practices.
“From the workshop we learned the best practices as far as academic research is concerned and this will ultimately make our own researches a better product,” he noted.
Bizimana added that academic research should always be scientific in way that it shares, contributes and helps others to learn. He also called on his colleagues to invest constant efforts to read and understand scientific publications from others and produce scientific findings by collecting and disseminating relevant and needed information for the society by informing existing or upcoming policies.

Some of the participants at the workshop

Among the speakers at the workshop was Ms Azeb Tadesse, the Deputy Director of African Studies Centre at UCLA and also the Director of WLP project in Rwanda. In her remarks she reiterated that lecturers should abide with terms of research grants and research policies by respecting deadlines and others guidelines set by research grant agencies.
The Women’s Leadership Program is a project managed by Higher Education for Development (HED) and coordinated by the University Of Rwanda- College Of Education. It seeks to strengthen UR-College of Education’s capacity to advance women leadership and prepare graduates to contribute to gender equity and women’s economic empowerment through Education. It also strives to increase the number of highly qualified and gender-sensitive female teachers in Rwanda by promoting and supporting women’s access to UR-College of Education and affiliated Teacher Training Colleges.