College of Medicine and Health Sciences(CMHS)

Josephine Uzayisenga

1. Identifying Adolescent Reproductive Health Issues among Adolescents in Nyanza District. Rwanda , International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications 

2.Assessment of Knowledge and Attitude towards Diabetes Mellitus among Type 2 Diabetes Patients Attending Biryogo Health Center ,International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications.

Rumenge Alain

2018. The need of support in communities using ECOSAN latrine products in farming for safe practices 41st WEDC International Conference, Egerton University, Nakuru, Kenya, ©  WEDC, Loughborough University

Claudine B. Kabeza

1. A qualitative study of users’ experiences after 3 months: the first Rwandan diabetes self-management Smartphone application “Kir’App” 
Claudine B. Kabeza , Lorenz Harst, Peter E.H. Schwarz, Patrick Timpel 
2. Assessment of Rwandan diabetic patients’ needs and expectations to develop their first diabetes self-management smartphone application (Kir’App) 
Claudine B. Kabeza, Lorenz Harst, Peter E. H. Schwarz, 

Prettyosa Muyambi Kusemwa

Kusemwa et al (2017) Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision uptake: a concept analysis. Volume-2 | Issue-11 | November, 2017 | Paper-1. IJRDO-Journal of Health Sciences and Nursing. ISSN: 2456-298X.                                                              Knowledge of gestational diabetes mellitus and self-care practices among pregnant women aged 18-45 years; attending ANC at Chitungwiza central hospital;published in September 2018 ECDMR-02-00036.