University of Rwanda,Research directorate

Institutions Approved for Research Affiliation in Rwanda

Higher Learning Institutions

1.University of Rwanda (UR)
Institut d’Enseignement Superieur de
2. Adventist University of Central Afria/AUCA,
3. Kigali Independent University/ULK,
4. Independent Institute of Lay Adventist of
5. Kigali Institute of Management/KIM,
6. Rwanda Tourism University College/RTUC,
6. Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Education of
7. Catholic University of Rwanda/CUR,
8. Protestant Institute of Arts and Social
9. Institute of Legal Practice and Development/ILPD,
10. Institue Supérieur Pédagogique de Gitwe/ISPG,
11. Catholic Institute of Kabgayi/UCK,
Research and Development Agencies
12. Rwanda Agricultural Board (RAB),
13. Rwanda Governance Board (RGB),
14. Rwanda Institute of Policy Analysis (IPAR),
15. Institute of Research and Dialogue for Peace (IRDP),
16. Rwanda National Institute of Statistics (NISR),
17. Institute of Research Science and Technology (IRST),
18. Private Sector Federation,
19.Institute Polytechnique de Byumba/IPB,

1. Prime minister’s office,
2. Ministry of natural resources,
3. Ministry of finance and economic planning,
4. Ministry of agriculture and animal resources,
5. Ministry of education,
6. Ministry of health,
7. Ministry of defence,
8. Ministry of justice,
9. Ministry of foreign affairs and cooperation,
10. Ministry of gender and family promotion,
11. Ministry of infrastructure,
12. Ministry of Agriculture,
13. Ministry of internal security,
14. Ministry of east African community,
15. Ministry of disaster management and refugee
16. Ministry of cabinet affairs,
17. Ministry of local government,
18. Ministry of public service and labour,
19. Ministry of trade and industry,
20. Ministry of sports and culture,
21. Ministry of youth and ICT,
22. Ministry in the office of the president,
23. Rwanda National Police,
Government Agencies
24. Rwanda Revenue Authority,
25. Rwanda Development Board (RDB),
26. Rwanda Directorate General of Immigration and
27. Rwanda National Unity and Reconciliation
28. Rwanda Social Security Board,
29. Rwanda Education Board (REB),
30. National Electoral Commission,
31. National Commission for Fight against Genocide