Gatarira Pierre Cobes

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Published Papers : 

i) Gatarira, C., Němečková, A., Šimoníková, D., Paliwal, R., Asfaw, A., Abberton, M., Badara Gueye, Robert Asiedu, Jana Čížková, Eva Hřibová, Jaroslav Doležel, David 
Dekoeyer, Victor O. Adetimirin, Bhattacharjee, R. (2021). Cytological and molecular characterization for ploidy determination in yams (Dioscorea spp.). Agronomy, 11(10), 1897.
ii) Gatarira, C., Agre, P., Matsumoto, R., Edemodu, A., Adetimirin, V., Bhattacharjee, R., Robert Asiedu and Asfaw, A. (2020). Genome-Wide Association Analysis for Tuber Dry Matter and Oxidative Browning in Water Yam (Dioscorea alata L.). Plants, 9(8), 969.
iii) Dushimimana, Constantin, Mathieu Nemerimana, Pierre C. Gatarira, Jean Pierre M. Habineza, and John K. Mungai (2018). "Nutritional content of certain indigenous vegetables for food insecurity and malnutrition reduction in Kiambu County, Kenya. International Journal of Agronomy and Agricultural Research (IJAAR),12, 64-69.
iv) Issifu, Muazu, Kwabena Darkwa, P. U. Krishnaraj, Shreenivas A. Desai, Ramesh Bhat, Tammineni N. Sathish, Yashavanthkumar J. Kakanur, Cobes P. Gatarira, and Tommex A. Freeman (2018). "Genetic Variation and Trait Associations of Grain Yield and Other Quantitative Traits for Identification of Promising Wheat (Triticum spp.) Accessions under Nitrogen Stress." Journal of Applied Life Sciences International, 1-15. 
v) Ramesh N and Gatarira Pierre Cobes (2018). integration of herbicides with manual hand weeding for controlling the weeds in pearl millet based on intercropping system (Pennisetum glaucum). International Journal of Agriculture Sciences, 10, 7255-7258.

Brief profile: 
Dr. Gatarira Pierre Cobes is a Lecturer at the University of Rwanda, College of Education (UR-CE). He holds a Ph.D. in Plant Breeding from the Pan African University Institute of Life and Earth Sciences (including Health and Agriculture), PAULESI, University of Ibadan (Nigeria, 2020). He obtained a master’s degree in Agronomy from Annamalai University, India in 2015 and a Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy from the University of Rwanda (Rwanda, 2013). He developed his scientific skills at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), where his ardent interest was the Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) for tuber dry matter, oxidative browning, plant sex, and flowering in Dioscorea alata. He also investigated the variation in flowering behavior of the two most cultivated Dioscorea species (Dioscorea rotundata and Dioscorea alata). As part of his Ph.D. program, he was privileged to undergo six months training at the Institute of Experimental Botany (IEB), Olomouc, Czech Republic, where he obtained skills in cytogenetics to determine the ploidy level of different Dioscorea species. He has participated in several national and international conferences, seminars, symposia, and he published some of the outputs of his research in reputable journals.
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Plant breeding