Rumenge Alain

2018. The need of support in communities using ECOSAN latrine products in farming for safe practices 41st WEDC International Conference, Egerton University, Nakuru, Kenya, ©  WEDC, Loughborough University

Claudine B. Kabeza

1. A qualitative study of users’ experiences after 3 months: the first Rwandan diabetes self-management Smartphone application “Kir’App” 
Claudine B. Kabeza , Lorenz Harst, Peter E.H. Schwarz, Patrick Timpel
2. Assessment of Rwandan diabetic patients’ needs and expectations to develop their first diabetes self-management smartphone application (Kir’App) 
Claudine B. Kabeza, Lorenz Harst, Peter E. H. Schwarz, 

Oliva Bazirete

Bazirete, O., Nzayirambaho, M., Umubyeyi, A., Karangwa, I., & Evans, M. (2022). Risk factors for postpartum haemorrhage in the Northern Province of Rwanda: A case control study. PloS one, 17(2), e0263731.    

Philomene Uwimana

 Uwimana P., Mukamana D, Babenko-Mould Y, Adejumo O (2022) Exploring factors affecting the facilitation of nursing students to learn paediatric pain management in Rwanda: A descriptive qualitative study. PLOS ONE, 17(2):e0263609. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0263609  Moreland, J. P., Rosa E. W., Uwimana, P., Male, A.M., Sego, R., Nakundwa, E., … Ntizimira, R. C. (2021) Palliative and end-of-life care self-perceived educational needs of physicians and nurses in Rwanda.

Gatarira Pierre Cobes

i) Gatarira, C., Němečková, A., Šimoníková, D., Paliwal, R., Asfaw, A., Abberton, M., Badara Gueye, Robert Asiedu, Jana Čížková, Eva Hřibová, Jaroslav Doležel, David 
Dekoeyer, Victor O. Adetimirin, Bhattacharjee, R. (2021). Cytological and molecular characterization for ploidy determination in yams (Dioscorea spp.). Agronomy, 11(10), 1897.

Nzabahimana Joseph

1. Effect of integrating physics education technology simulations on students’ conceptual understanding in physics: A review of literature;
2. Top‐Down Synthesis of Silicon/Carbon Composite Anode Materials for Lithium‐Ion Batteries: Mechanical Milling and Etching;
3. Fabricating strongly coupled V2O5@PEDOT nanobelts/graphene hybrid films with high areal capacitance and facile transferability for transparent solid-state supercapacitors;

Kamuhanda Dany

1) Kagyera, D. K., Banzi, W., & Kamuhanda, D. (2022). Analysis Of The Use Of Digital Platforms By University And College Lecturers In Instruction Of Mathematics During Covid-19 Pandemic Era. Webology, 19(2), 7475–7487.       
2) Kagyera, D. K., Wellars, B., & Kamuhanda, D. (2022). An Assessment of Student Teacher’s Attitudes Towards Incorporation of ICT in Mathematics Instruction. Journal of Positive School Psychology, 2022(4), 4185–4193.                                                                      

Habimana Olivier

1.    M. Bazina &, O. Habimana (2022). Factors constraining effective application of ICT in teaching and learning Mathematics in Nyanza District Secondary Schools, Rwanda. Journal of Research Innovation and Implications in Education, 6(3), 18 –28.
2.    JP. Munyakazi, J. Mukagihana, T. Nsengimana, C. Mukamwambali,  and O. Habimana (2022). Impacts of Computer-Assisted Instructions on Students' Academic Performance of Biology within Secondary Schools. International Journal of Learning and Development, 12(2), 81-94.