Utetiwabo Wellars

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1. Wellars Utetiwabo, Lei Zhou, Muhammad Khurram Tufail, Xintao Zuo, Le Yang, Jinfeng Zeng, Ruiwen Shao, WenYang, Insight into the effects of dislocations in nanoscale titanium niobium oxide (Ti2Nb14O39) anode for boosting lithium-ion storage, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 608(2022) 90-102 (IF:8.128/Q1)
2. Wellars Utetiwabo, Le Yang, Muhammad Khurram Tufail, Lei Zhou, Renjie Chen, Yimeng Lian, Wen Yang, Electrode materials derived from plastic wastes and other industrial wastes for supercapacitors, Chinese Chemical Letters 31(6) 2020, 1474-1489 (IF: 6.779/Q1) 
3. Wellars Utetiwabo, Muhammad Khurram Tufail, Chaoyuan Zeng, Lei Zhou, Le Yang, Ze Hua, Jinfeng Zeng, Peiwen Yu, Ruiwen Shao, Wen Yang, Graphite foam as carbon-based footprint for in-situ fabrication of Ti3+-doped titanium niobium oxide (Ti2Nb10O29) nanocrystal for high-rate performance lithium-ion batteries, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 623 (2022) 1015-1026 (IF:8.128/Q1) (first author).
4. Lei Zhou, Wellars Utetiwabo, Renjie Chen, Wen Yang, Layer by Layer Assembly of Colloid Nanomaterial and Functional Multilayer Films for Energy storage and conversion, Comprehensive Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (2nd Edition) Elsevier, 2(2019) 255-278 (co-first author), Book Chapter 
5. Yi-Meng Lian, Wellars Utetiwabo, Yaodan Zhou, Zheng-Hong Huang, Lei Zhou, Faheem Muhammad, Ren-Jie Chen, Wen Yang. From upcycled waste polyethylene plastic to graphene/mesoporous carbon for high-voltage supercapacitors, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 357 (2019) 55-64 (IF:8.128/Q1) (Co-first author)                                                                                                                                                               
6. Jinfeng Zeng, Le Yang, Ruiwen Shao Lei Zhou, Wellars Utetiwabo, Saisai Wang, Renjie Chen, Wen Yang, Mesoscopic Ti2Nb10O29 cages comprised of nanorod units as high-rate lithium-ion battery anode, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 600 (2021), 111-117
7. Le Yang, Jinfeng Zeng, Lei Zhou, Ruiwen Shao, Wellars Utetiwabo, Muhammad Khurram Tufail, Saisai Wang, Wen Yang & Jiatao Zhang, Orderly defective superstructure for enhanced pseudocapacitive storage in titanium niobium oxide, Nano Research 2(2022) 1570-1578
8. Xue Yin; Wellars Utetiwabo; Shuhui Sun; Yimeng Lian; Renjie Chen; Wen Yang, Incorporation of CeF3 on single-atom dispersed Fe/N/C with oxophilic interface as highly durable electrocatalyst for proton exchange membrane fuel cell, Journal of Catalysis 374 (2019) 43-50
9. Zhou Yaodan; Wen Yang; Wellars Utetiwabo; Yimeng Lian; Yin Xue; Lei Zhou, Peiwen Yu; Renjie Chen; Shaorui Sun, Revealing of Active Sites and Catalytic Mechanism in N-C Coordinated Fe, Ni Dual-Doped Carbon with Superior Acidic Oxygen Reduction than Single-Atom Catalyst, J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2020, 11, 4, 1404–1410
10. Yimeng Lian; Mei Ni; Zhenghong Huang; Renjie Chen; Lei Zhou; Wellars Utetiwabo; Yang Wen, Polyethylene Waste Carbons with a Mesoporous Network towards High Efficient Supercapacitor, Chemical Engineering Journal 366 (2019), 313-320
11. Zhenzhen Liu, Lei Zhou, Qi Ge, Renjie Chen, Mei Ni, Wellars Utetiwabo, Xiaoling Zhang, Wen Yang, Atomic iron catalysis of Polysulfide conversion in Lithium-Sulfur Batteries, ACS Appl. Mater. Interface, 10(2018) 19311-19317
12. Utetiwabo Wellars & Gabriel Bazimaziki, Reflection on Design and implementation of Competence-Based Curriculum: Focus on Language and Science, International Journal for Teacher Education Research (IJTER) 7 (1-4) 2018 ISSN: 2319-4642 www.ijter.com (Co-first author)  

Brief profile: 
UTETIWABO Wellars is Rwandan by Nationality. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry obtained from Beijing Institute of Technology, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering/P.R.China on December 10, 2021. He holds a master's degree in Natural Science/Physical Chemistry obtained from Xiamen University, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering/P.R.China on June 30, 2012, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education at the University of Rwanda in December 2016. In 2008, He was awarded a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry-Education from the former National University of Rwanda (NUR), Faculty of Education (Rwanda).Utetiwabo joined the University of Rwanda-College of Education in 2013 as Tutor of Chemistry. Currently, Utetiwabo is working as Lecturer of Chemistry. During his PhD studies at Beijing Institute of Technology, Utetiwabo has received a Cerificate of Honor of Excellent Student award. His main research interest is the design and development of high-rate anode materials based on Ti-Nb-O for Lithium-ion Batteries, high-value added electrodes materials derived from the waste plastics for supercpacitors; Electrocatalyst for Proton-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFCs, Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR)) and Chemistry Education.
Research Area: 
Energy conversion and storage device (Li/Na-Ion Batteries, Supercapacitors) and Chemistry-Education