Associate Professor

Darius Gishoma

•    Gishoma, D., & Brackelaire, J. L. (2008). Quand le corps abrite l'inconcevable. Cahiers de psychologie clinique, (1), 159-183.
•    Gishoma, D., Brackelaire, J. L., Munyandamutsa, N., Mujawayezu, J., Mohand, A. A., & Kayiteshonga,
Y. (2014). Supportive-expressive group therapy for people experiencing collective traumatic crisis during the genocide commemoration period in Rwanda: Impact and implications. Journal of Social and Political Psychology, 2(1), 469-488.

Masabo Francois

Recent publications are: 
1) « healing fractured lives: reconciliation and reintegration in Rwanda, in 2012, (ISBN 978-1-906677-96-1); 
2) Educating about the History of Genocides in Rwanda in Fracapane Karel and Matthias Haß, 2014, Holocaust education in a global context, UNESCO, pp 129-134. (ISBN 978-92-3-100042-3); 

Charles Ruranga

1.    Maniriho, A., Musabanganji, E., Nkikabahizi, F., Ruranga, C., and Lebailly, P. (2021). Analysis of the Determinants of Household Expenditures in Rwanda. UKH Journal of Social Sciences 5 (1): 8-17, June 2021. DOI: 
2.    Ruranga, C. and Hacker, S. (2020). The Determinants of Households Having Savings Accounts in Rwanda. Rwanda Journal of Social Sciences, Humanities and Business (ISSN 2708-759X (Print); ISSN 2708-7603(Online), 1 (1): 6-19, July 2020.